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As a Landlord and Tenant Attorney, Faan Law Firm regularly assists both tenants and landlords in a variety of commercial and residential lease matters throughout New York State, primarily in the New York City and long island.

Residential Lease Issues


When dealing with issues related to residential leases, many times disputes arise with regard to:

  • Whether the lease terms are in writing or oral.

  • Whether the lease terms are clearly defined.

  • What conduct gives rise to Notices to Quit or Notices to Cure.

  • What notice is necessary in order to raise the rental rate.

  • How much notice is necessary to terminate a lease.

Faan Law Firm Landlord and Tenant Attorney can help with these matters.

Commercial Lease Issues

Commercial leases bring an entirely different set of issues for both parties to consider. An experienced Landlord and Tenant Lawyer can help with:

  • Rights and obligations of each party under terms of lease.

  • Liabilities related to early lease termination.

  • Personal guarantees.

  • Sublease rights and responsibilities

Additional Issues:

  • Security Deposits

  • Pets and Waterbeds

  • Maintenance, Condition and Repairs

  • Tenant's privacy and Landlord's Right to enter premises

  • Evictions

For more detailed information on residential and commercial lease issues in New York, please contact Faan Law Firm Landlord and Tenant Lawyer. Email us at or call 718-766-2567




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