FAAN.com is a service platform of FAAN LAW FIRM with business law as its main practice. 

FAAN.com is a service platform of FAAN LAW FIRM with business law, immigration law, family law, will and trust as its main practice. It provides such services as trademark registration and protection, trademark infringement litigation, contract drafting and review, shareholder agreement, business sales, and real estate transactions. FAAN LAW FIRM is a firm dedicated to linking the Asian community with a group of well-founded practice and reputable attorneys in the areas of Business Law, Trademark, Real Estate Transactions, Estate Planning, Tax, Immigration and Family Law. 

It is situated in Flushing, the largest Chinatown in New York, and Edison in New Jersey, focusing on the post-immigration needs of both families and businesses. After serving the Flushing area for years, we found that more than 50% of other law firms in this area are usually specialized in immigration and real estate practices.


More than 80% of law firms have immigration practices. We also heard people comment that they could not find affordable attorneys who can help them solve these problems. 

We work with top-notch experienced attorneys to best serve the needs and demands of the Asian community.
Many people cannot define what a “good” attorney is. We believe the good attorneys are those who can solve your issues, not those who spend the most in advertising or those who brag themselves in an exaggerating way.


The good attorneys are not necessarily those who know the market and the way to market themselves. We understand that weakness attorneys are faced with. They wish to focus on the cases but find it hard to balance the marketing and legal function of a law firm. We are the attorneys providing you with professional legal advice and support. 


Professional Legal Team

We are a cohesive team of lawyers intensely focused on solving our clients’ most important problems. Collaborations among our attorneys in various disciplines produce innovative legal solutions for our clients. We are your one-stop solution for your legal issues. 


We work together across offices and practice areas as integrated, multidisciplinary teams to provide the capabilities necessary to generate great results for our clients.

Professional Legal Support

We are committed to providing practical legal services. We pride ourselves in being approachable. We avoid legalese. We’re proactive.

Focused on business, trademark and real estate, we represent entrepreneurs and creative professionals.

Whether you’re scaling a business or negotiating a contract – your goals become our goals.

Your Legal Interests Protected

It is our honor and highest duty to represent and defend your legal interests in business transaction, contract negotiation, real estate sales, trademark protection, and patent application. 

Owning and operating a small business can feel like a dream come true. However, you need to learn how to survive business lawsuits in order to keep you away from a nightmare. We are here to protect your legal interests when you are being sued.